Views on Being a Parent of a Premature Baby Needed!

Posted on: 29 November 2012

We are planning to carry out a further study to find out about reading, mathematics, memory and attention skills of premature children at school entry. We are interested in finding out whether any learning difficulties children may have can be identified when they first enter school and what the underlying causes might be. This will help us develop strategies that teachers can use to support children’s learning, if needed, and may be used to give parents information about how premature children are likely to get on at school. We think it is really important that our research that meets the needs of parents and their children, so we would like to get your views about this.

We would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to answer 4 short questions about your experience of being a parent of a very premature baby. This is entirely anonymous and you will not be asked for any personal details about you or your family.

Please follow this link to give us your views:

Thank you for your time.