Research Team

Dr Samantha Johnson (University of Leicester)

Samantha is a psychologist with expertise in the long-term development of babies who are born very prematurely. Samantha is leading the project from the University of Leicester.

Dr Camilla Gilmore (Loughborough University)

Camilla is a psychologist with expertise in how children’s skills in mathematics develop and in understanding children’s mathematics learning difficulties.

Dr Lucy Cragg (University of Nottingham)

Lucy is also a psychologist, with expertise in how brain function develops during the primary school years and in understanding the development of learning difficulties throughout childhood.

Professor Neil Marlow (University College London)

Neil is a specialist in neonatology – the branch of medicine concerned with the care, development and diseases of newborn babies. He is an expert in the development of premature babies.

Dr Victoria Simms (Ulster University)

Victoria is a lecturer at Ulster University where she researches children’s learning and development and how they understand numbers.

Dr Rose Griffiths (University of Leicester)

Rose is a senior lecturer in Education at the University of Leicester, and she specialises in the teaching of mathematics.

Professor Heather Wharrad (University of Nottingham)

Heather is an expert in the development and evaluation of e-learning programmes at the University of Nottingham.

Dr Sarah Clayton (University of Leicester)

Sarah is the PRISM Study research fellow. She has many years experience of research with young children and will carry out the assessments for the study.